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Home Fragrances: Using a Reed Diffuser in Singapore

Home Fragrances: Using a Reed Diffuser in Singapore

Reed diffusers are a practical and long-lasting method to integrate your favorite scents into your living space. They not only smell great, but they are frequently wonderfully crafted to provide a sophisticated, contemporary atmosphere to your home décor.

Reed diffusers are currently quite popular in the home fragrance industry. They are quite simple to operate; reeds are placed into a glass bottle or glass jar with scented diffuser oil, the reeds absorb the perfume, and the reeds radiate a nice aroma throughout your home - simple!

Reed diffusers, unlike candles, do not have a flame and therefore do not need any heat. They spontaneously disseminate smell into the air. Without a flame, there is no dirt and, more crucially, no chance of fire! Reed diffusers are thus a more practical scent option for some households, with practical health benefits. This includes reducing anxiety and relieving stress, with various essential oils blends.

What is a reed diffuser?

While reed diffusers come in a range of forms and sizes, they all include three fundamental components:

  • Essential oils

  • Reed sticks

  • Vessel (typically in a glass container that stores the oil and reeds)

The fragrant oil, which is commonly a combination of essential oils, is put within the reed diffuser's glass jar.

Reed sticks are typically constructed from natural rattan reeds and inserted in the vessel with one end immersed in oil and the other exposed to the atmosphere. Small holes in the reeds enable the fragrance oil to be ingested and move to the top portion of the sticks.

As the oil dissipates and distributes the aroma particles into the atmosphere, it reaches the section of the reed that is outside of the container.

Reed diffusers give a consistent, fresh perfume that's especially useful in settings like restrooms and foyers, in which you want to keep that delightful smell going without having to pay attention to a lit flame.

How to use a reed diffuser?

Your effectiveness in making your residence or workplace smell nice with a reed diffuser is dependent on how you utilize it. The methods below will assist you in getting the most value from your reed diffuser.

Step 1: Immerse the sticks in the oil

This step should be simple if your diffuser has oil in the diffusing vessel. Simply remove the sticks, place them in the oil, and allow them to soak the oil for a few minutes.

However, if the perfumed oil is packaged separately, you must exercise greater caution. That is, while putting the oil into the vessel, don't add excessively. Otherwise, once you add the sticks, it will flow out. Place your diffuser on a non-porous surface as well.

Before placing your diffuser on a fragile area, remove any stains. After you've applied the oil, dip your sticks inside it and sit for a few moments for them to absorb it.

Step 2: Rotate the sticks every now and then

Once you've determined that the sticks have absorbed enough oil, you should rotate them from time to time. That is, the dry unsaturated side of the sticks ought to be near to the diffusing vessel, whereas the saturated side should be located in the atmosphere.

Step 3: Reorient the sticks

Lastly, insert the sticks' dry and unsaturated sides into the vessel. As a result, the soaked components will be in the air, allowing your diffuser to organically distribute the scent throughout your environment.

Simply repeat the preceding procedures to replenish your reed diffuser and you're ready to go! It's quite simple. Last but not least, keep your reed diffuser out of reach of children and pets.

Where should you put a reed diffuser?

Where should you put a reed diffuser

Reed diffusers not only bring pleasant smells to your house, but they also look amazing.

The general movement in the air and activity in the room will assist circulate the aroma, so set your diffuser in a high-traffic area to help disperse the scent throughout.

Keep your reed diffuser away from outside doors and air conditioning equipment. Avoid placing your reed diffuser near radiators as well, since the heat might cause the aroma to quickly dissipate.

The larger the room, the larger the diffuser should be to disperse the smell. Once you've determined that, make sure your reed diffuser isn't in a location where children or dogs may knock it over because oil stains are difficult to remove. Also, choose something fresh and fragrant without being overpowering.

Since most bathrooms aren't too big, you can have one reed diffuser. Moreover, most bathroom surfaces are oil-resistant, so you may place your diffuser on top of a countertop. The bedroom and entrance are also viable options. Simply select a sturdy surface and you're ready to go!

And, if you do have wood furniture, just use a coaster to avoid warping and staining. Finally, put your reed diffuser somewhere it won't get toppled over by baggage or garments.

How can I increase the aroma of my reed diffuser?

Buy a high-quality aromatic oil and occasionally rotate your reeds to increase the perfume. Additionally, cleanse the vessel on a regular basis and replenish your oil fully.

What is the lifespan of reed diffusers?

Most reed diffusers have a lifespan of 2-4 months. It is, however, dependent on the oil intensity and upkeep. 100ml of diffuser oil should typically last 3-4 months. However, air con, heating systems, dehumidification, and both open and closed doors can reduce the lifespan of any diffuser oil.

Explore The Scent Apothecary’s aromatherapy reed diffusers

Explore The Scent Apothecary’s aromatherapy reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are a sophisticated method to introduce exquisite smells into your house. The Scent Apothecary creates Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers with several of our distinctive fragrances, including Garden Spa, Island Escapade, and Perfumer's Workshop.

If you've never tried reed diffusers, you must surely give them a shot. They're simple to use, long-lasting, and minimal maintenance, and they're ideal for making your house seem more festive and hospitable over the Christmas season.


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